When the master developers and original planners of Uptown Altamonte set out to find the right developers for this very important project, one name came to mind for the office condominium phase — Dower Drummond.

Known in Central Florida for his attention to detail — but more for his dogged dedication to his customers — Drummond’s work ethic and skill at project management made him a natural choice for one of the most important aspects of the multi-million dollar project.


Originally from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Drummond got his start in planned development at an early age and at an unusual place — at 13, in the public relations department of a major bank. Later, Drummond worked at an advertising agency, where his team won a CLEO Award — an international marketing award for excellence in display advertising. Still in his early 20s and in search of new challenges, Drummond left for the United States and landed a job at the IMF, the International Monetary Fund, which soon led to the French Embassy in Washington, D.C., as the personal attaché to Ambassador DeLabulet, and then to the British Embassy. All the while, Drummond carefully learned the arts of personal interaction, diplomacy, service, and commitment.


Like a hungry student, Drummond learned everything he could, and soon applied his fervor for excellence in search of a career in the airline industry, first as a flight attendant for US Airways, then as a commercial pilot instructor. It was here that Drummond would finally make his way to Orlando, when he took advantage of a pilot reduction package to put his myriad skills to use – as a project manager for one of the nation’s top management consultant firms, where he learned the business of planned development and real estate investment.

Drummond has become one of the most sought after developers in the active Central Florida real estate market. His unique life experiences have crafted a developer unlike any other. Having overseen numerous development projects in Central Florida, including five at Formatus Development, Drummond’s reputation for commitment to his customers has distinguished him from all others. In his own words, he accepts nothing less than “pride of ownership” from each person who accepts his projects.

Now, as the office condominium developer for The Offices at Uptown Altamonte, Drummond combines his personal experience, professional attitude, unwavering dedication, and tireless work ethic into a development the customer will be very proud to own. He treasures the client/developer relationship, which he views as the foundation of a solid development.

At Formatus Development, Drummond takes on real estate development with passion and enthusiasm, with commitment and dedication, and with a frank and honest approach. He hopes that his efforts find you among his friends and in his portfolio of excellence.


Formatus, LLC

Orlando, FL – 32819